• D'ALVA to provide Transportation and Translations Services to Wartsila Marine for personnel working on the Panama Canal expansion.

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Albrook & Multiplaza $20.00 per 1 or 2 Pas
Metromall $25.00
per 1 or 2 Pas
Metromall $10.00 Additional Pas

Since 2009 an enormous expansion has occurred in this unique marketplace. AllBrook offers 460,000 sq meters, (2 Million Sq. Ft) of shopping, food and entertainment delights. The food court alone has more than 70 restaurants catering to 37 different country tastes and culture. If you cannot find something to eat in this food lovers haven it probably isn't made anywhere in the world.

In the center of the city on Avenida balboa adjacent to the banking and hotel areas is the Multicentro mall a multi-storied complex of impressive architecture and upscale shopping opportunities. Inside the center you will be able to enjoy one of the largest casinos in central american and the world renown Decapolis Hotel.

The Multiplaza Pacific is yet another gigantic mall recently opened (2010). This mall is in the upscale newly-developed area of Punta Pacifica.

Here are some facts regarding the Panama's shopping and economic vitality.