• D'ALVA to provide Transportation and Translations Services to Wartsila Marine for personnel working on the Panama Canal expansion.

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Portobelo - Colon Tours

Portobelo - Colon Tours :

Transfer Hotel - Portobelo Hotel $250.00 per 1 or 2 Pas
Transfer Hotel - Portobelo Hotel $80.00 Additional Pas

Portobelo is about an hour and 30 minutes unless you stop off for a swim at the black sand Maria Chiquita Beach which has changing facilities or the white sand Playa Langosta beach. From its commercial demise, when isthmus became independent from Spain in 1821 until a few years ago, Portobelo, Spanish Main's richest treasured port, mouldered, a roadless fishing village with an annual flicker of life for the Black Jesus celebration (still held each year on October 21 in the ancient Portobelo Cathedral). Now, approached by an excellent highway, the Spanish Main, albeit time-weary, is there for all to capture single-handed. Or in alliance with a tourist cab driver.