• D'ALVA to provide Transportation and Translations Services to Wartsila Marine for personnel working on the Panama Canal expansion.

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Our Tours

City Tour - Gira En La Ciudad :

City Tour - Gira En La Ciudad :

Gira En La Ciudad $50.00 per 1 or 2 Pas
Gira En La Ciudad $25.00 Additional Pas
  • Visita al Centro de Visitantes de las Esclusas de Miraflores
  • Paseo por la Calzada de Amador (Caseway)
  • Casco Antiguo

Visit the three panama cities: The ruins of the 16th century original city, Casco Viejo,the colonial city and the modern skyscaper city

The Panama Canal :
City tours include a trip to the Panama Canal. A must-do is a visit to the Panama Canal Visitors Center at Miraflores Locks. Interactive exhibits explain the history and working of the canal, its nature rich rain forest and waterways. Admission is $10.00 which gives access to a terrace view of the locks several stories above

A visit to the Amador Causeway is a must due to spectacular views of Panama City's skyline and the Panama Canal. The one mile causeway was created by connecting four small islands in Panama Bay using rock excavated from the Panama Canal. The Causeway boasts fine restaurants, bicycling, walking paths, research aquarium, a new cruise port, a yacht club, residential projects and souvenir shops.

Panama history intertwined with Spain France and the United States never fails to delight history buffs. If you enjoy history, hire a tour of the Casco Viejo You can see fascinating sites including the 17th of colonial convents and residents original dungeons and a french monument dedicated to the 22000 who died building the Panama Canal. You can also visit the Panama Canal museum housed of the headquarters Of the French Panama Canal Company.