• D'ALVA to provide Transportation and Translations Services to Wartsila Marine for personnel working on the Panama Canal expansion.

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Our Tours

Boquete - Chiriqui Tours

Boquete - Chiriqui Tours:

David $500.00 One Way per 1 or 2 Pas
David $800.00 Round Trip 3 Days per 1 or 2 Pas
Boquete $500.00 One Way per 1 or 2 Pas
Boquete $800.00 Round Trip 3 Days per 1 or 2 Pas

Additional Day trips to other Western Panama locations from David and Boquete can be booked with D'Alva when taking the above tours. Each day trip for up to 3 people is $200/Day.

Passengers are responsible for their accommodations. (D'Alva will be happy to assist you with these arrangements if needed)

There are several morning and afternoon flights from the national airport in Albrook, Panama city to David. You can also take a bus from the Albrook Bus terminal. Its about a 7 hour trip to David and from there you can take a taxi or bus to you mountain destination.

Panama's most prized mountain destination. Averdant valley town surrounded by steep slopes it is filled with flowers, nature-rich rainforest,coffee farms, rivers and some of the friendliest people anywhere. It has a near perfect climate and even on drizzly days rainbows are sighted.